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Tours and Outreach

Berea College Farm and Farm Store tours may be specific or combined to offer the whole field-to-fork process our students experience during their tenure in the labor program. See what is included in each area below and fill out our inquiry form if you’re interested in setting up a tour of the Berea College Farm.

Livestock and Row Crops

The Livestock and Row Crop operations of the Berea College Farm encompass 450 acres within a 2-mile radius of the College Campus. Cattle, hogs and poultry enterprises are located on the Hunt Acres campus and are managed by three full-time staff and 30 labor students.

All livestock are pasture-raised on the 300+ acres that comprise the Hunt Acres campus. Both cattle and hog operations are Animal Welfare Approved, and the cattle herd is 100% grass-fed. The row crop operation is USDA certified organic and supports both livestock operations and Farm Store with grain production. A tour of these operations could be a day-long event or a driving tour. Walking the grounds is a great way to experience the livestock and verdant pasture of the enterprises’ foundation.


The Horticulture operation of the Berea College Farm is a multifaceted enterprise where visitors, school groups, producers, educators, donors, and non-profit organizations can experience the 15 acres campus that serves as a student learning laboratory.

Walking the grounds of the Horticulture campus offers insights into the organic production of vegetables, fruits, bedding plants and herbs. The greenhouses and high tunnel systems also complement the organic system throughout the academic year when students are on campus. An apiary of 15 hives is also located on the Horticulture campus for instruction purposes and occasional honey production. With 2 full-time staff and 15-20 labor students, the Horticulture operation can tailor tour experiences to suit an hour overview to a full day field experience.

Farm Store

Launched in 2013, the Farm Store is the outlet for the Farm products, serving as the learning laboratory for the field-to-fork food system that is the foundation of the Farm enterprises. The Store completes the food system through its bakery, butchery, grocery and dine-in experience. The 15 student employees and staff add value to raw Farm goods. These goods are marketed to the campus community and visitors. Though a walking tour of the space is quick, the time spent at the Farm Store could take an afternoon. Visitors may experience the multitude of opportunities offered to students and the variety of products marketed.

We are not currently offering tours as the team seeks to revise how they are performed. Thank you for understanding!

Looking for admissions tours?

On-campus tours include curbside check-in, a 30-minute virtual session with an Admissions Counselor followed by a 90-minute walking tour of campus.

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