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The Berea College Farm

One of the oldest continuously operating educational farms in the United States

The Berea College Farm is situated on about 500 acres and maintains various livestock and horticultural enterprises, producing around 47,000 pounds of organic food each year.

Additionally, the Farm offers students real-world experience and management through the College’s distinctive Labor Program. It also serves as an essential component to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, acting as the primary laboratory for many academic courses.

Greens harvested in a pot
Student surrounded by livestock on the farm

150 Years of the Berea College Farm

This year marks the Berea College Farm’s sesquicentennial, 150 years of operation. What began as a garden on a couple of acres in 1871 has expanded and continues to create engaging learning opportunities, such as showing students how to grow, harvest and prepare fresh local produce for healthy living.

What We Raise and Grow

The Berea College Farm Store

The Farm Store offers food produced by students working on the Farm and products from nearby farms and small businesses in the central Appalachian Region and throughout Kentucky.

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